Our Community

The Milwaukie Care Center offers a homelike environment that creates an
atmosphere supportive of each resident's preferred lifestyle. We coordinate a range of supportive services available on a 24-hour basis to meet the activities of daily living, health, and social needs of the residents.
A program approach is used to promote resident self-direction and participation in decisions that emphasize choice, dignity, privacy, individuality, and independence.   Each resident has viable options that enable them to exercise greater control over his life.
“Choice” is supported by the provision of sufficient private and common space within the facility that allows residents to select where and how to spend time and receive personal assistance.

We provide support in such a way as to validate the “Dignity”, and self-worth of the individual. Creating an environment that allows personal assistance to be provided in privacy, supports dignity as does delivering services in a manner that shows courtesy and respect.

We offer "Privacy", meaning a specific area or time over which the resident maintains a large degree of control. Privacy is supported with services that are delivered with respect for the resident's civil rights.

We support "Individuality" by recognizing variability in residents' needs and preferences and having flexibility to organize services in response to different needs and preferences.

We encourage "Independence" by supporting resident capabilities and facilitating the use of those abilities. Creating barrier free structures and careful use of assistive devices supports independence.
We strive to provide services that exceed the Oregon State Administrative Rules.  Our services are adapted to address individual resident’s needs, preferences, and comfort, including health care and activities of daily living, that help develop, increase, maintain, or maximize the resident’s level of independence, psychosocial, and physical functioning.